Budget Account

Annual bills have a way of creeping up on all of us unexpectedly. We can organise the payment of your bills on a monthly basis. Speak to us about a budget account to help remove the stress from yearly bills.

Our budget account can give you:

  • Peace of mind - remove the stress around bills
  • Control - take charge of your budget
  • Hassle free - electronic transfers to pay your bills
  • Rainy day fund - save a small amount for emergencies every month

Putting all your eggs in one basket? Take the worry out of annual expenses with our Budget Account

If you are constantly worrying about how to come up with money for the next fill of Home Heating Oil, Car service cost, Insurances, Christmas and other predictable annual costs, then our Budget Account will be the answer you have been looking for. Quite simply, it means working out how much these predictable costs will be and agreeing monthly or weekly payments with us. Once the bill is due People First Credit Union will transfer the agreed amount into the account specified by you.


By appointment only, contact Michelle.langton@peoplefirstcu.ie or call 057 8622594 and ask to speak to Michelle.

What our members currently using the service say:

“The Budget Plan organised the household bills and took the stress away by paying them at the time they were due, leaving us to enjoy our new car and house developments we got from savings that we could never achieve without the budget plan. We found that we were able to save and do home renovations with money that was freed up by the budget plan. Peter and Paul don’t live in our home anymore”