Encouraging savings is an important part of the Credit Union ethos

The best way to create a stable financial foundation for yourself and your loved ones is to save and keep borrowing within sensible boundaries.

Savings provide you with independence, peace of mind and the strength to withstand unexpected emergencies in your life.

Shares Account:

When you save with us, your savings are called shares. Your shares will attract a dividend paid into your account once a year. Dividends are calculated based on the amount of funds generated by all the members in the credit union at the end of the year. Eligible members have their shares covered by our Life Savings insurance.

Current Account:

Our current account is an on-demand account for our members that doesn’t earn interest. You can deposit and withdraw savings from this account whenever you like as the savings are not held against a loan.

Benefits include:

  • No fees or charges
  • 24 hour/365 day access to your funds
  • Banking Online account enquiries

At People First Credit Union you can save up to €100,000 in your account. A minimum of €5 is required in your shares account to keep your account open.

Your savings are called shares and act as security for your loans. The savings in your shares account will earn a dividend at the end of the financial year. The savings in your current account is used for online transfers and paying bills.


You’ll be asked to nominate a loved one on your account. A nomination is a written instruction that is legally binding and tells us who you’d like to receive your money after your passing.   The nomination service allows your loved one to receive your money saved in the credit union (up to €23,000 maximum) in a very short time after your death.  

You can save in 4 ways:

  • Electronic Funds Transfer – Contact us for your BIC & IBAN number to save directly into your account on a regular basis
  • Direct Debit – Complete a Direct Debit Mandate Form here (link)
  • Visa/Debit Card – Make a savings payment over the phone with your Visa/Debit Card by calling any of our offices on 057 8622594
  • Over the Counter – Simply call into any of our four branches