Transferring Money

Sometimes you need to transfer funds. When you do, remember that you can transfer funds electronically from your credit union account to a bank account of your choice. It’s safe and convenient.


If you’d like to set up an EFT on your account, call into us in one of our offices for help. Alternatively, you can set up your EFT on your credit union online banking account.


It’s also possible to transfer funds to your credit union account from your bank account, either online or in your bank branch. You’ll need your IBAN and BIC numbers. Feel free to contact us for this information.


It’s important to remember that if you have numerous accounts with us, you need to contact us to let us know which account (e.g. shares, or current account) you are using in your online transaction. This way we’ll be able to correctly allocate your funds.


If you have a loan with us and wish to transfer online the only accessible account to transfer from is your current account. Use this account as an access account.


If you’re transferring money to or from an international bank account, please make sure they’re in the SEPA zone. We’re unable to process payments to or from banks and financial institutions not in the SEPA zone.